Friday, October 21, 2011

New post.

I came across this new post button for quiet hundreds time but still, damn it i don't have any idea what to post. Which is why, today, i decided to just type it without thinking. I left my brain out for shopping.

So, what's new? Nothing really. Rayyan, work and study. Three main things in my life that i have been focusing on from the start. I hope so.

I'm happy now. If that what you guys wanna know. Happy that my son is happy. Happy that i still can continue my studies. Happy that my family and good friends still there for me. They are, they really are. I got rids semua yang hampeh dan semak kepala tu. And happy that i still got my job, my car and my money. My own. So yah, I'm happy.

Love? NO.

I'm happy this way.

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merahitujambu said...

org lain x pon x pernah akak yang merasa hanya akak saja th..kalau sy ckp pon x guna sbb yang merasa akak.cuma sy boleh ckp tuhan mahu uji hambanyaa..mungkin dia bukan jodoh kita..kadang2 pahit harus di telan jua...=_=