Monday, December 27, 2010


Heh, baru sedar, on my previous post, i've been complaining a lot. Macamlah aku sorang je yang busy dalam seluruh dunia ni. Heh. Blah lah kau, Yana.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I will rock 2011.

Insya Allah.

Class gonna start early January. It's either exciting or depressing. I have to travel like 400km per week. There will be massive traffic all the way to Shah Alam on the evening. There will be less time for my son, family and friends. No time for shopping and lepaking, no more outing on weekdays. I'll be exhausted and super tired when i get home. No more watching movies on Wednesday night.

I have to bear it all for the sake of my future, for my family. It's only for 4 years of struggling. It's for promotion, higher grade and better salary. It's for myself too. I get to buy more shoes and handbags and watches and my son get to go to better school. I wanna have a new car. I wanna buy a house called home. And for my baby girl, i gonna buy her pretty pretty clothes and cute scrunchies.

It is time to be serious. More serious. U are freaking 27 years old now, man. Yes, i'm calling myself man :p

and Lord, i need You to give me strength. Family and friends, pls be there for me. Always.

and you 2011, pls be super nice to me.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Phytolacca, si ubat kurus homeopathy.

Guys, it really works. Most of my customer has lost weight. Really, guys. If u eat right its work! Mana ada ubat kurus yang tak memerlukan kita untuk diet. Ada? This girl rite here, Azlin Ruhaiza, she lost about 13 kgs in 2 months. Amazing! And i got picture to prove it :)

For enquiries pls email me at
TQ :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


I want this kinda wardrobe now. Like now now. Pls.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tag yerself.

Bold all that apply to you.

My name begins with:

I love my name.
I hate my name.
My name is hard to pronounce.
My name is so boring.
I have a nickname.


I am considered a minor.
I am over 18.
I am under 13.
I am in between the ages of 13 and 18.
I wish I was older.
I wish I was younger.
I like my age.
I know how to drive, even though I’m too young to have my license.
I drink/smoke and I’m underage.

My Appearance:

I have brown hair.
I have blond hair.
I have black hair.
I have red hair.
I have an unnatural hair color.
I’ve dyed my hair before.
I’ve gotten highlights/lowlights before.
I have curly hair. (naturally)
I have straight hair.
I have wavy hair.
I have frizzy hair.
I straighten my hair every day.
I have brown eyes.
I have blue eyes.

I have gray eyes.
I have hazel eyes.
I have green eyes.
My eyes change colors.
I use color contacts.
I have glasses.
I use regular contacts.
I got laser eye surgery.
I am under 5’4.
I’m under 5 feet.
I’m over 5’4
I am over 6 feet tall.
I love my height.
I hate my height.
I am happy with the size I am.
I wish I was skinnier.
I wish I could gain some weight.
I am trying to lose weight.
I have gone on fad diets before.
I have taken diet pills and laxatives.
I have fasted/purged before.
I have/had an eating disorder.
My shoe size is above a 9.
My shoe size is under a 5.
My shoe size is normal.
Its hard for me to find shoes that fit.


I shop at stores like Abercrombie, Holllister, and American Eagle.
I shop at Hot Topic.
I shop at stores like PacSun and Zumies.
I shop at stores like Bloomingdales and Saks.
I shop at stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.
I shop at Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart.
I love shopping.
I hate shopping, and still wear stuff from five years ago.
I own a designer purse.
I love those oversized tote bags.
I despise skinny jeans.
I wear high-waisted jeans.
Mary-Kate Olsen is definitely my style icon.
Shoes are my life.
I live in my converses.
I love Uggs!
I absolutely cannot stand flip flops.
I get my nails done every week.
I wear perfume.
I hate pedicures.
I wear false eyelashes.
I wear a lot of makeup.
I don’t wear any makeup.
I love Burt’s Bees.
I wear a ton of eyeliner.
I wear lipstick.
I wear lipliner.
I feel uncomfortable when wearing mini skirts.
I wear a lot of low cut shirts that show a lot of cleavage.
High heels are sexy.
I cannot walk in high heels.
I love wedges.
I live in my jeans.
My dog is my favorite accessory.
I wear thongs and g-strings.
I prefer granny panties.
I just wear regular underwear.
I buy all my bras from Victoria’s Secret.
I love Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line.


I am in elementary school.
I am in middle school.
I am in high school.
I am in college.
I am a high school dropout.
I am homeschooled.
I go to a private school.
I go to a Catholic school.
I go to a public school.
I have skipped a grade.
I have been held back.
I am in Honors classes.
I am in A.P. classes.
I’m just in regular, college prep classes.
I want to get into an Ivy League college.
My favorite class is English.
I hate science.
I hate English.
I love math.
I am currently failing one or more of my classes.
I have straight A’s.
I get A’s and B’s.
I get C’s and D’s.
My teachers are horrible, and I have no clue why they were hired.
I love my teachers.
I want to graduate now!
I wish I could stay in high school forever.
I am in band or orchestra.
I am in choir.
I’m in a lot of clubs.
I play a ton of school sports.
I’m on a Varsity or JV team.
I’m in all the school plays.
I can hardly wait to go to college.

My Friends:

I have a best friend.
I have more than one best friend.
I have a lot of acquaintances.
I don’t have any friends.
My friends are crazy, but I love them.
My friends and I do a ton of stuff together.
I have a lot of guy friends.
I have had the same best friend since kindergarten.
My best friends change like I change my underwear.
My friends and I get into a lot of fights.

The Opposite Sex (or Same Sex):

I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
I’m single.
I hook up with a ton of guys.
I’ve never had a boyfriend.
I’m straight.
I’m gay.
I’m bi.
I’m boy-crazy.
I’ve dated my friend’s ex.
I’m a virgin.
I’ve had sex before.
I’ve never been kissed.
I’ve had an abortion before.
I was pregnant in high school.
I have/had an STD or STI.
I’m saving myself until I’m married.
I’m just waiting for the right guy to have sex with.
I lost my virginity under the age of 13.
I love tall guys.
I would date someone shorter than me.
I focus more on looking for a guy with a good personality than a really hotguy.
I love guys with blue eyes.
Facial hair is sexy on boys.
Guys with piercings and tattoos are amazing.
I love preppy guys.
I love the nerds.
I would date someone in the army.


My parents are married.
My parents are divorced.
My parents are living together, but aren’t married.
I love my parents.
I hate my parents.
I love my parents, but they annoy me a lot.
My parents are so embarrassing.
My parents are really strict.
My parents let me do whatever I want.
I tell everything to my parents.
I don’t tell anything to my parents.
I have a brother.
I have a sister.
I am the oldest in the family.
I’m in the middle.
I’m the youngest in the family.
I have a brother or sister in college.
I babysit my brother or sister all the time.
I love my grandparents.
One or more of my great grandparents are alive.
I’ve been to a family reunion before.

Other Stuff:

I’m a grammar nazi.
I love erasers.
Chocolate is sex.
I’m pro choice.
I’m pro life.
I believe in evolution.
I believe in creation.
I’m a Democrat.
I’m a Republican.
I don’t know what I am.
I love Bush.
I check my email every day.
I use msn.
I love Facebook.
I prefer Myspace.
I hate people that TYPE LiiKE THiiS 0r Th!$ oR tHiSsSsS
I love Chinese food.

*Copied from Tumblr.