Thursday, December 23, 2010

I will rock 2011.

Insya Allah.

Class gonna start early January. It's either exciting or depressing. I have to travel like 400km per week. There will be massive traffic all the way to Shah Alam on the evening. There will be less time for my son, family and friends. No time for shopping and lepaking, no more outing on weekdays. I'll be exhausted and super tired when i get home. No more watching movies on Wednesday night.

I have to bear it all for the sake of my future, for my family. It's only for 4 years of struggling. It's for promotion, higher grade and better salary. It's for myself too. I get to buy more shoes and handbags and watches and my son get to go to better school. I wanna have a new car. I wanna buy a house called home. And for my baby girl, i gonna buy her pretty pretty clothes and cute scrunchies.

It is time to be serious. More serious. U are freaking 27 years old now, man. Yes, i'm calling myself man :p

and Lord, i need You to give me strength. Family and friends, pls be there for me. Always.

and you 2011, pls be super nice to me.

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