Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hai! Ok bye!

This entry gonna be the short one. Just to let u guys know the important things happening, the reason why i didn't update my blog for a long time.

I'm in the middle of final examination. 2 papers done; Economic and Multimedia, 2 more papers to go; Management Principles and Quality Management of PS.

Hectic days at work, every damn day. Have to do overtime. Luckily i'm finished with my daily class.

Anddd, the best part is, my lil' nephew was born on 20th April 2011. Same date as my parent anniversary, the 30th. So happy. Her name is Raissa Irdina. Me and Rayyan can't wait to buli her.

My final exam will end on 1oth May. Day after that me and Rayyan gonna go for a short vacation. Gonna be a lot of fun. Not so far from KL. Just wanna get away from here.

Okay, i think that's all.

Love, love, love.


cek^sou! said...

bebing ku.. lil' niece la..

naya said...

oh ya, niece niece, sorry! :D