Tuesday, August 4, 2009

in case i die?

ntah asal ntah,arini aku rindu sume orang.
my laki,my baby rayyan which i missed him every second,famili of cos,mak apak, kawan-kawan, dan sume orang,kecuali jiran-jiran lah.dan aku sms separuh drp mereka bertanya kabar.

pastu,kat mukasurat belakang notebook aku tulis sume password aku.
facebook,blogger,friendster,myspace,yahoo mail,maybank2u (pasni kene sorok notebook tu)

then i suddenly wonder 'wadehel is wrong with me?buang habitat ke hape?'

well,no one knows kan?
sejak H1N1 melanda ni,we just don't know who's gonna be next.maybe me,maybe you,maybe the person next to you.even bukan H1N1 pon kan,there's a lot more reason for u to die kan, anywhere anytime,without any warning.

so,just in case lah,pls pls pls take gewd care of my son :)
only God knows how much i love him.

*and i know after few days i'll be laughing out loud about this ;p

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yanie_chantek said...

hak alahh...!