Thursday, July 15, 2010

Enuff already!

Shoot. The Showdown fan page become hate page now. Semua tak puas hati WKK menang. Oh deng. Aku bukan tak puas hati WKK menang, aku tak puas hati nape GBC kalah. Berbeda bukan?

How many of you watch Showdown 2010 from the start? The audition, battle round, meltdown, first elimination till the finale? I tell you, i'm a die hard fan of Showdown. I love street dancer. Love how they move it, move it.

The first crew i love is HMC, and still lovin' it.
The first crew i hate was GBC, the arrogant snobbish crew. I hate Khenobuu the most, i tell you.

But then, episode after episode, i realize how good they(GBC) are, and Khenobuu is a fierce b-boy, that i suddenly loved. There were no such a good b-boy in WKK as good as Khenobuu. They also become more professional now. Battle clean je. No more arrogant attitude. They got a lodsa fan now. (WKK fan is more that's why they win.)They (GBC) also kick FMC asses out, balas dendam untuk Borneo Soul, memang menganjing time tu paling favourite battle moment. GBC has become a better crew.

Did u guys know GBC represent Malaysia so many time for b-boy competition? They won so many time also i tell you.

Did i tell u this is my first time ever voting for reality show? Deng.


didie said...

I agreed 200% with you. FYI, this is the first time i voted for reality show as well. Only for GBC. First place i like HMC, but then, i saw the improvement of GBC.. OMG..i feel so so sad WKK won..

naya said...

we are the same dear ;)

Anonymous said...

DUDE! GBC nyer BATTLE always clean lar.. what ya see at the pemilihan battle btween GBC n WKK is that WKK play dirty like what they did when WKK battle HMC n kick em out! They sabotage the floor by not lettin the rivel to show their move. WTF is that? What i can say that they were Chicken,takot rival bukak move!! SOO NOT BBOY! REAL BBOY never sabotage,they love to BATTLE!!! no hatin,peace no war.

naya said...

the highlight was the attitude dude.

imma dudette btw ;)

syimir said...

pergh teringat KLBC zaman muda-muda..skrg dah gemuk,buat windmill mau koyak tisu otot aku..