Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Today i am so fragile. Damn.

Your so protective
Afraid to hurt me directly
but your killing me with your silence
your warm hands never touch my skin
do you fear you'll burn the flesh
Well then burn me
Turn me to ash

Open your eyes what do you see
I am human like you
I can take it
Tell me the truth
I'm not so fragile
I can handle it

I'm not a porcelain doll
I will not crush under stress
but if i was I want you to crush me
Break me
Disenegrate me
Just hurt me and get it over
whisper my name and shatter my ears
Burn my eyes with the sun
Just tell me the truth now
and break my heart


Look past my blue eyes
into my soul and see
I am as strong as you
Stop sheltering me
I'm not made of glass
I won't shatter

(Open your eyes what do you see)
I am human
(Open your eyes what do you see)
I can take it
(Open your eyes what do you see)
Just break me
Break me
Break me
Break me down

*okay lagu ni takde kene mengena :D

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